CCSD Announces More Budget Cuts

CCSD Announces More Budget Cuts

Clark County School District

Clark County School District recently announced another district-wide budget cut. The new cut decreases the funds of schools by $68 million.

Schools will be asked to cut their budgets based on the number of students: elementary for $132 per student, middle for $153 per student, and high for $184 per student.

The budget cut also reduces the number of teachers available for schools, removing the teacher-to-student ratio required by the class-size reduction law. This means that class sizes may increase next school year.

Revised school budgets were due yesterday after principals had a chance to meet with school organization teams to review.

What does this mean for A-TECH?:

  • Class sizes may increase, making them more crowded
  • Electives may be limited by student popularity
  • Program areas and electives may not be able to plan more costly lessons or field trips
  • School materials like paper and whiteboard markers may be limited
  • Resources for students like assistance period and morning library times may be impacted due to limited staff