Students Show Appreciation in Teacher Appreciation Week


Kimberly Flores

Students writing thank you cards for Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Students can show their appreciation by giving their teachers a card saying why they appreciate them.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time for students to show gratitude for what their teachers have done for them, whether helping them with their assignments or giving them advice and helping them get out of a rough time. Every student has a different reason for why they want to give their teachers a card or a simple thank you.

Sophomore Deyvon Hassad said, ”Teacher Appreciation Week is important because it’s really good to let your teacher know that their work has really helped us students grow up into adults. It’s not just the help they give us on our homework, but the patience they have for us in order to fully understand something. Or even when a teacher is actually interested in seeing if we’re okay.”

Teachers also love Teacher Appreciation Week because it’s not every day that students actually say thank you and tell them that they haven’t been doing everything for nothing. It really means a lot to teachers when students do this and gives them motivation to continue what they’re doing and not give up.

Government teacher Dan Hearn said, “I think it’s important from two different stand points. The first one being is that teachers need to know they’re appreciated. Everyone liked to be praised; everyone likes to know they are valued, and it’s a way of letting teachers know that one — they are appreciated and loved ,and it encourages us, the teachers, to try harder to provide to our students. And it’s also important to the students to praise the teachers to let them know they’re appreciated.”

Kimberly Flores Government teacher Dan Hearn