STUCO Retreat

Estephanie Jimenez

A special occasion, the Student Council retreat, has been taking place two to three times a year for the past several years. This year’s retreat was on February 19, organized by seniors Danyelle Baldwin and Taylor Schlobohm. Both seniors took charge of where the event would be hosted, and the daily activities. Their goal in this year’s retreat: to inspire team bonding within student council.

“It’s for student council kids,” explained Danyelle. “We want kids to feel comfortable and safe and know that they do have a place in student council. We hold retreats so that they get to know each other and know how to work in teams. We are going to divide the council in half because we have over 50 kids in council this year. It’s better to divide the kids so that we can break up cliques and have them meet new people.”

Danyelle was once a young freshman herself in the past, so she understands how hard it can be to connect with other people in the council. The retreats have helped her significantly in her bonding experience with her peers. It was the retreat itself that sparked her passion for STUCO.

“Personally I feel like it is a very important event,” remarked Danyelle. “As a freshman, I felt kind of out of place in student council because it was my first time. As I went to the retreats I felt closer to my council and it made me want to work hard, it actually inspired my love for it.”

Although the retreat is for making students more comfortable around each other, it also contains another purpose: to make leaders out of students.

“There’s a lot of team building and leadership activities within it so it’s more of a learning process than it is entertainment,” explained Danyelle. “We are going to write down what their strengths are as a leader and what they can improve on the following years. It helps you become a better person because you do realize what your strengths are and you build up your strengths, but you also focus on your weaknesses.  We want to build them up as leaders.”

In general the activities student council does all year round helps build up future leaders. Student council is a place where change is not always bad. Changing into a positive person is always encouraged.

“Student council has changed me completely. It benefits everyone,” said Danyelle.