Law Potluck: A Going Away


Kimberly Flores

Law teacher David Eason talking to his class

The Legal Studies students gathered on Tuesday, May 1, to have a potluck in the library.

“It was the 2nd and 4th period legal studies students — all the seniors,” said senior Michael Tracy. “It was just kind of a celebration for the four years we’ve had together.”

Law teacher David Eason decided to appreciate his students and acknowledge that four years is not only a lot of work, but it takes dedication.

“Mr. Eason was nice and was like, ‘You guys get food,’” said senior Angel Barraza.

He even decided to make his senior students a sweet and humorous poem for them.

“It was kind of personal, so it was really cool,” said senior Kyra Evans.

“It was kind of like a roast,” Tracy added.

The going away potluck touched the hearts of the seniors as they got to enjoy their goodbyes as a part of the Legal Studies program area.

Kimberly Flores
Kyra Evans, Law Student
Kimberly Flores
Michael Tracy, Law Student
Kimberly Flores
Angel Barraza, Law Student