“You’ve Got Talent!” According to Eason


Allison Clark

Sophomore Megan Lai playing her violin for her talent

In the first and second weeks of May, students in law teacher David Eason’s Fundamentals of Law and Research class are showing off their so called “talents”.

They were informed that they would be displaying their skill in front of their class last week and that it would be worth ten points, which is a lot compared to other projects in the class.

Students can perform live or take a video of their talent, but they must participate. Students in the past have ice skated, played cello, sang, and more.

“It’s cool, but it makes you take a hard look at yourself,” said sophomore Christopher Hughes.

Some of the students were not happy to hear that they were going to perform in front of their peers.

“I don’t do well in front of people,” said sophomore Viviana Barajas.

Allison Clark Sophomore Raymond Wu posing with his piano. David Eason in the background.

Even though it might not seem relevant to learning about the law, Eason has said that he does this project to see a different side to his students.

“I think it’s a cool chance to see what people can do,” said Barajas.

Eason also said that each of his students have a talent, so there is no reason not to perform. However, some students believe otherwise.

“I don’t really have a specific talent,” said sophomore Sunii Owens.

Some of this year’s talents included piano, singing, lacrosse, violin, comedy, drawing, and more.

“I think it’s a fun and creative assignment,” said Owens. “Usually, I don’t do this in other classes.”