CIA Recruits Students at A-TECH


Flag of the Central Intelligence Agency, Public Domain

Brandon Sumulong

On Tuesday, February 23rd, A-TECH received a visit from the Central Intelligence Agency. The purpose of their visit was to recruit people for an exhilarating and adventurous career with the agency. They offer a wide variety of jobs such as political analyst, economist, and computer analyst.

Students interested in joining the CIA will fill out the application process which includes their background, and a personal evaluation form. The CIA receives over 1,000 applications within a 45 day period. They look for people with good background, ethics, and foreign languages.

The CIA operates outside the United States to provide global, social, and economic intelligence to protect national security in the US. It is not a law enforcement agency; the task is to carry and oversee covert operations on behalf of the President. In addition, the CIA looks for people with potential and useful skills to operate in this field.