Object Based Research Project in Graphic Design


Allison Clark

Student working on the project

From April 23 to the day of their final exam, Graphic Design II students with Kelly Charles will be working on their final project of the year, Object Based Research.

Students pick a human-design object that has good designs, and they do their project based on this product.

This project involves multiple assignments: a description of the chosen product, an initial perspective pencil sketch, a second perspective pencil sketch, a digital drawing in Photoshop, and a presentation.

“I am doing my watch. I like how it looks. It looks elegant,” said sophomore Diana Quezada. “I like choosing our own product. [My least favorite part is] drawing.”

The presentation part of the project is going to be the students’ final exam. They will present in five to seven minutes their products and perspective drawings and discuss how their products fit with the elements and principles of design.

“I think [our teacher] wants us to incorporate what we know about the elements of design and principles of design, be able to notice them, and be able to present it,” said sophomore Karla Carmona. “I enjoy [the project.] It’s pretty fun.”