April 2018 Journalism Jukebox

The chance to play music of your choice at lunch is a rare occurrence, which is why many students at A-TECH enjoy the freedom of playing whatever songs or audio they want for just one dollar per song.

The fundraiser was run by the journalism marketing team during first and second lunch all of this past week. The main goal was to raise funds so that the journalism class could have enough funds to purchase necessary items throughout the rest of the year.

Since the audio is usually controlled by faculty, the students of A-TECH jumped on the opportunity to express themselves and share their music choices with everyone in the SAC.

As soon as the first bell rang for first lunch, some students almost immediately went to ensure their place in line for song requests, since the spots filled up pretty quickly.

Students requested a wide variety of songs from K-pop to just “meme songs.”

Unsurprisingly, some students really enjoyed the unique opportunity that the Jukebox fundraiser provides.

“I thought it was really cool that you got to play your own songs… It was fun,” said freshman Emily Lando.

Other students felt indifferent about the fundraiser.

“The spots filled up pretty quickly, so that was kind of disappointing. I hope they do it again sometime this year or next year,” said sophomore Elizabeth Lockley.

And some of them didn’t really have any thoughts on the fundraiser.

“I didn’t really care about it, but I heard some of the songs, and they were okay. People kept suggesting weird songs, which I was kind of confused by,” said freshman Alyssa Maltese (feature photo is by Kimberly Flores)