Are Walmart Skateboards Worth Buying?

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Ah, yes, the infamous Walmart skateboard. Sure, it may look nice, but is it worth buying?

The Wheels

The types of wheels will differentiate from different types of skateboards. Soft wheels will do great for cruisers and longboards. Hard wheels tend to do better on the street skateboard. They are some sort of soft plastic, which is good for cruising around. Doing any high drops or advanced tricks will most likely flat spot them (and who want flat wheels?). These wheels will last if you are looking to just cruise. Although cheap, they aren’t the worst part of the board.

The Bearings

For those who don’t know, a bearing is what allows a wheel and object to rotate. If you still don’t know what they are, they’re the smalls things in the fidget spinner. Skateboard bearings are different from other bearings. They are a special size to snugly fit into the wheels. The higher quality of bearings, the faster and longer your skateboard will roll. The Walmart skateboard bearings? The bearings are easily the worst part of the board. They just don’t roll. I had trouble getting a bearing to rotate for more than 4 seconds. Yeah, they’re that bad. Unless you’re looking for a full cardio workout, I wouldn’t recommend these bearings. Luckily, the bearings are the easiest part of the board to change, so you can buy much better ones for $10.

The Trucks

The trucks are the part of the skateboard that connects the wheels and allows you to turn. If you didn’t know, you must lean to turn on a skateboard. The worse the trucks, the more leaning is required. The Walmart trucks are plastic, which will not do very well if you want to do bowl tricks. They do turn, but very slowly. This isn’t bad news for beginners, as it gets you used to balancing on a board. You can always loosen them later, anyways.

The Deck

The deck is easily the best part of the skateboard. The design on the bottom of the board is usually appealing and looks good. Target boards use real wood on their boards, and Walmart seems to use some sort of plastic. It will break if you jump high on it, so be careful.

The Price

Although the skateboard might not sound the best, the price makes up for it. For a mere $15, you can pick one up at your local Walmart or Target. If you want to start skating, I would recommend a Walmart board, for its easy pickup and price.

Interested in buying? Here are some places you can buy from.