ACT 2016


Miranda Cain

Informational poster in the office

Miranda Cain

All Juniors in CCSD on Tuesday March 1 will be taking the ACT. Here at A-TECH, the ACTs are a college readiness exam that requires prior preparation.

“I feel somewhat prepared for the ACT because I have been practicing outside of school,” said junior James Chung.

Although the ACT is a college readiness test, since it shows if a student is prepared for college, it is not connected to the College Board.

“The ACT has nothing to do with College Board. Administering the ACT is the responsibility of Administration,” said school counselor Mr. Gokul.

The ACTs are especially important in the Clark County School District because taking it is now a graduation requirement, and all students must take the test.

“There’s no cut-off score you need to get, but there must be a score for each section, even the writing,” explained Mr. Gokul.

Despite this small similarity to the SAT, the ACT is very different from the SAT.

“The ACT is curriculum based while the SAT is reasoning based,” said Mr. Gokul.

Curriculum based preparation for the test happens by just going to class, but there are several other ways to prepare.

“First, go to Mr. Breeze and ask him about online preparation; second, the go to the Counseling office and pick up a booklet for preparation; third, go out and buy your own preparation book,” explained Mr. Gokul about how to prepare.

One website that can be helpful for ACT preparation is The library has more information about other preparation sources.

Over all, the standard seems to be set for juniors taking the test this year after last years results. “Last year A-TECH students had the best average score in the district and in the state.”