AP Exams Run Into Semester Exams


Kimberly Flores

AP Exam Schedue and Semester Exam Schedule

The new schedule for AP testing and semester exams has some errors. AP testing ends on May 18. The AP tests that are taken that day are AP Human Geography, AP Microeconomics, and AP European History. But also on this day is the first day of semester exams for seniors and a review day for the other classes. The semester exams taken that day are in periods 1 and 3.

This has caused some controversy because many students are in a dilemma of having to miss their semester exam or review period because they have to take their AP test.

“It’s really stressful because trying to study for AP exams, if you wanna get college credit, which I really want to do, and then doing semester exams which in order to pass the class and also get good marks and scholarships for colleges, it’s super stressful to be studying for two different subjects and having to weigh which one’s more important,” said sophomore Emma Mayo.

Teachers are also not happy about these changes. They don’t think it was very smart to make the schedule how it is now. Not only does it affect the students it also affects the teachers as well. Either because their AP test interrupts other teachers or because teachers have students who will miss their semester exam to take an AP test.

“It’s a bit of an obstacle we have to overcome somehow. Unfortunately, CCSD and College Board don’t really coordinate their schedules with each other so we just gotta jump through a hoop and make it work out,” said social studies teacher Scott Meikle.

“I feel like it is what it is and we gotta do the best we can, and we didn’t get to make that choice so we’re gonna proceed as is,” said social studies teacher Trevor Riley.