Mentors of A-TECH

Valera Stovner

The mentor program is going on its eighth year since it started, with a mission: to assist freshmen in learning about and adjusting to life at A-TECH.

“The goal of a mentor is to help freshmen and to give them an overview at A-TECH,” stated Ms. Moore.

There is a total of six lessons, once a month, they start in October, and end in April. Mentors spend their own time and money creating grams to give to mentees during lessons.

“If we had more time for our lessons and stuff, we could fit more activities and make it a better experience with some more games and stuff like that for everyone, ” said Kenneth Poon, a junior mentor.

For many mentors, they still have the grams that they were given back in freshman year. To join the mentors, you have to be a junior or senior and you had to complete an application and essay. Next year this will change.

“Instead of writing the essay, I might have them audition for me,” said Ms. Moore, “because there is an element of performance to it.”

For the first time ever the mentors are going to create their own lesson plan. Some of the topics that are going to be covered are: bullying, public speaking, what makes you unique, and the powers of positive thinking.

“I would say that making the grams is a lot of work, but in the end it is all worth it and fun to be a mentor.” Kenneth Poon stated.

Adjusting to the high school life style coming out of middle school is hard enough, but at A-TECH there are mentors here to help.

“I wanted to make a positive impact on the freshmen of A-TECH, like my mentors did during my freshman year,” said Poon.