Civil Rights Field Trip: Opioid Crisis


Destini Johnson

Tokens given to Clark County students for opioid crisis pledge

On Tuesday, April 10, the junior Civil Rights and Liberties students went to the Sands Expo Convention at the Venetian for a field trip.

“The field trip was just a summit talking about opioids and the dangers that they can cause to the human body, especially when you’re still developing like at our age,” said Civil Rights student Alejandra Alfaro.

Opioids are prescription drugs that doctors give patients for pain relief. They are being misused around the world and deaths have skyrocketed due to them.

“The summit was important because it helped spread awareness and taught us to be ambassadors about drug abuse,” said Civil Rights student Sydney Fischer.

Several guests speakers like Chris Angel, Ryan Leaf and the parents of Michael Yenick (an athlete who died on pain medications) spoke out with their personal testimonies on the issue. The Drug Enforcement Administration also attended the opioid summit and spoke to students about how the misuse of prescription drugs can really affect one’s life.

“You don’t think opioids are the biggest drug of topic,” Civil Rights student Lilly Lucero addressed. “It’s always meth, cocaine, or weed. Nobody ever talks about opioids.”

Kimberly Flores
Alejandra Alfaro
Kimberly Flores
Lilly Lucero
Kimberly Flores
Sydney Fischer