“Hello, there!”


Miranda Cain

Junior Miranda Cain saw “Deadpool” on its opening weekend, and snapped this photo with the movie’s display

Rachelle Lewis

This Valentine’s Day weekend, the new Marvel movie, Deadpool, was a huge hit for fans of the potty-mouthed, fourth-wall breaking, anti-hero. On the night of the preview opening, the film raked in $12.7 million, and an additional record breaking $135 million for an R-rated movie over the weekend.

“The movie was extremely funny and I enjoyed every second of it,” said sophomore Gabriella Christian. “I think they portrayed Deadpool very well, they stayed true to the original character and his personality stuck out in comparison to other comic characters.”

Even the president of the Comic Book club, Angel Barraza, had some encouraging words about the movie. “I thought the movie was well made and the opening sequence was spectacular. I loved that the movie was self aware of [its] low budget and the fact that Deadpool broke the fourth wall a ton of times.”

However, some moments just weren’t as marvelling as one would expect for such a long awaited movie. “My biggest gripes with the movie were some of the unnecessary foul language that seemed forced. The villain was also your typical ‘bad guy’ and I wish there were more Deadpool fighting scenes,” said Angel. “I wanted more Deadpool and less sappy Ryan Reynolds.”