NHS Hours Are Due

Katheryn Ellis, Editor

National Honor Society members will be required to turn in all of their required 30 hours to be recognized for the 2017-2018 school year on Friday, April 13th. In the NHS Facebook page, secretary Tanya Yap has uploaded a list with how many hours each member needs to meet the minimum and if they still need their second semester group event.

For members who still need their group event or hours due, two events have been added that extend the date the hours are due if the events are attended. On April 13th, students can assist with the Developer’s Club dinner after school by helping set up, clean up, and serving food. On April 14th, students can attend the Holi Festival of Colors by helping admit people to the event and cleaning up trash. More information for each event can be found in the Facebook page’s feed.

“Hours are due 4/13 before I leave school. The only exception is for those who are attending the event the 14th. And for those attending on the 14th, you must have all of your other hours turned in on the 13th.” Advisor Ms. Woods said in a post on the Facebook page.

In addition to the 30 hour minimum, members must have paid their $20 fees, missed no more than two meetings, and attended two group events, one for each semester. If there’s any questions about each requirement to be recognized, students can go to advisor Woods or any of the officers either during the biweekly meetings or on the Facebook page.