Reacting To ACT Scores

Juniors took the ACT this February and got their results this past week. There was a lot of talk when it came to sharing and comparing scores.

“When I got my scores in the mail, I was very excited and very scared,” said Nineaka Nicholson. “I knew it was something that could have an impact on my future, so I kind of hesitated, but then I just opened it.”

Some juniors felt that it was more of a time management issue than a difficulty issue when it came to taking the ACT.

“The shorter time constraint made it harder for me to make sure my answers were correct and review,” said Chelsie Shirabe. “I will be retaking it and making sure that I work on my time for the next one.”

Others said that the time constraint was not a huge factor that determined their score, but rather being unprepared or cramming last minute.

“It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but at the same time I didn’t feel prepared by my teachers for it,” said Charles Dunn.

Many students were dissatisfied with what they scored and felt like the scores did not reflect on their efforts.

“I am personally not satisfied with my score because I know that I could’ve done better. I felt that on the actual exam I had done a better job than I had on the PreACT. However, that was not that case,” said Georgia Gardner.

A lot have students have made up their mind and decided that they will be retaking the ACT this upcoming summer or later next year to improve their scores.

“I am not satisfied with my score because I know I can do better. Even though I passed, I know that I’m capable of earning something higher than a 21,” said Lorena Garcia. “With a lot of studying and the help of practice tests, I will try and raise this score. So I do plan on retaking it soon.”