Video Game Wrecks Local’s Emotions



Quick warning: this is going to have spoilers. My heart is too attached to this game to give vague references to something that might or might not be.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an amazing game honoring Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series is literally one of my favorite games, if not THE BEST one I have ever had the pleasure of viewing and playing. The world in this game was one of Nintendo’s first attempts in making an open world, kind of like Skyrim, and they KILLED it; they absolutely slaughtered me with all the land and water traversal.

The lands all have their own personal theme, reminiscent of the past Zelda games with the volcano-borne lands of the Goron, dry desert of the Gerudo, highlands of the Rito, and the entire courtyard of the Hylian royal grounds. The only difference between this game and its predecessors is that much of the land related to the Hylians is in ruins and destroyed due to the new Ganon reincarnate, Calamity Ganon.

For this new tool, imagine an amalgamate of shadows and edgy red mixed in it like a Shadow the Hedgehog wannabe, but like 10x scarier. This creepy-crawlie dude is unlike any of Ganon’s other forms, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to be Link and face this nightmare. Good thing I’m not the Hero of Time!

Going back to the layout of the land, let’s talk about the ruined Hylian kingdom. The music is quiet and calm until you get to the courtyard of the castle itself, but everywhere else is either leveled ruins or completely obliterated, giving an eerie feeling despite the non-threatening music. Even more heartbreaking, the names of the remains of wherever you are still pop up like a melancholy reminder of the destruction Ganon is capable of in this reincarnation. R.I.P. my heart.

And while we’re on the topic of the things that make me want to curl up and cry, let’s talk about the champions. I need you to repeat after me, THE CHAMPIONS DESERVED BETTER. Calamity Ganon can kiss my butt if he thinks I’m gonna let him get away with this and not pterodactyl screech in smanger (sadness and anger).

Calamity Ganon comes up in here and literally possesses some ancient tech that was going to be used to defeat him and slaughters the champions in their divine beasts that they literally cannot escape, trapping their souls in there for 100 years until Link stops being dead and rescues them. And I’m supposed to be okay with this? While I may have only cried actual tears for Mipha, my heart still aches for the ill fate that befell the champions, and I would sell my soul to Nintendo to have an alternate storyline or DLC where they can be alive after the calamity and live out their lives as great as they deserved.

This could be so much longer, but because I’m not here to vent about my wrecked emotions that much, all I have to say is Nintendo, homeslice, bread slice, dog: please stop psychologically ruining me, but thank you for one of the best games to ever shatter my heart.