Missed Oasis? Here’s The Scoop!


Destini Johnson

Students at Oasis

Oasis occurred on Friday, March 16. It included singers, guitarists, and many more musical talents of A-TECH.

Performer Destiny Browne stated, “Oasis is about the music. Not all students at A-TECH are super into tech or academic-based activities after school.”

The purpose of Oasis is to bring students together and give them the opportunity to show their talents in front of their peers.

“At Oasis, music is the forefront of our emotional and social interactions with each other, and it has a way of connecting us regardless of status or relationships,” Browne stated. “I’m happy that people decided to come to Oasis because of how new it is. It’s not as popular as BGM but it has the potential to be.”

Students put in the hard work to set up and prepare for Oasis. Erin Knoeppel, a student who helped put Oasis together, speaks on the work put in and outcome of it.

“It was important to me because, besides putting in hours upon hours of work to make all the tickets and posters myself, it allowed students a chance to express themselves that they don’t normally have,” said Knoeppel. “I feel that A-TECH didn’t and doesn’t have a whole lot going on in terms of the arts because it is a very academic-based school. I wanted to create something that would allow students to showcase their talents musically.”

Performer Danielle Geronimo stated, “My experience being a performer in Oasis was very enjoyable and I would gladly audition again next year. I’m hoping for Oasis to become a larger event at A-TECH much like BGM.”

Students who attended Oasis were very excited to listen and watch their peers perform.

“I’m happy that the crowd was very supportive. It didn’t matter the act or the level of talent because everyone was just there for each other and to support one another and their passions,” stated Erin Knoeppel. “Of course there are things that could have gone better that I’m going to work on for next year, but I do think it was worth it. I am excited for next time.”