What’s All This ‘Fortnite’ Hype?


Epic Games

If you go to A-TECH, you’ve probably heard about the recently popularized game Fortnite. Honestly, if you have any teenage friends, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a couple of whispers about the video game. For those who aren’t gamers, I’ll break down what Fortnite is as well as whether or not it’s worth the $free.99 that they’re charging for it.

What Is It?

Fortnite is a self-defined “sandbox survival game” that can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and will soon be released on mobile devices. The game has cartoonish graphics and allows players to drop into a strange, post-apocalyptic world by jumping off of a flying bus and landing with a hi-tech parachute glider (A-TECH students love it. Of course it’s weird).

The objective of the game is to be the last survivor in the world by acquiring weapons and potions and building fortresses (which are built by destroying and re-purposing materials throughout the world).

The issue with forts, however, is that the Fortnite world is being engulfed by a storm that makes the world smaller every few minutes, meaning the only way to build a worthwhile fortress is to do it in the center; unfortunately, going to the center of the map is a good way to die.

Fortnite can be played solo or with a squad of friends and has several modes, including a mode in which all weapons are gold (the best of the best weapons) and the new 20v20 player mode.

Is It Worth the Hype?

Nope. Fortnite is nowhere near worth the massive buzz that it has been receiving. The game is plagued with flaws, lag, and has a fairly simplistic concept, making it pretty much impossible to become a masterpiece. Still, Fortnite is beautiful because of its uniqueness.

The concept of the game and the out-of-this-worldness it brings truly make it a lot of fun to play. Fortnite is so experimental, so different, so truly rich in content that it has become a phenomenon in the right way. The game is simple, fun and straight to the point. You learn by playing and get better by practicing, just like you should in a game.

Fortnite also provides gamers with a breath of relief after the catastrophe that 2017 brought with its flurry of pay-to-win games. Games that I love, such as the Lord of the Rings based game Shadow of War and the gorgeous, amazingly designed Star Wars: Battlefront II, were undermined severely by their ridiculous ‘loot boxes’ and similar concepts where players can purchase better weapons/items with real money.

This didn’t happen with Fortnite. The game was released 100 percent completed, and the developers release new content (skins, weapons and modes) per player request. The game is free-to-play and sets players on an even level, making victory a matter of skill and cunning, not a matter of how much real-world money they are willing to cough up for new weapons.

Fortnite is not a work in progress. It is constantly expanding, keeping fans intrigued and involved. That simple consideration for players in term of both price and playability is why Fortnite has become so popular. Simplicity and courtesy are the hype behind Fortnite.