Valentine’s Day

A Day of Love, or A Day of Single Awareness?


“valentine” by chris riebschlager on flickr licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Adriana Vaiao, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day, a day meant to celebrate romance, dates all the way back to the 5th century. As time went on, and technology evolved, some would say that the celebration of Valentine’s Day has changed. So is Valentine’s Day really a day to celebrate love and romance, or a day that brings the reality of being single and alone to life?

The original meaning and celebration of Valentine’s Day hasn’t necessarily been lost through time for some people.

“Valentine’s day is a day where you can show your appreciation for someone you care about,” says sophomore Ariana Frutos-Sarmiento.

Sophomore Yvette Moraza also adds, “It’s a day where people fall in love and where other people don’t fall in love.”

There is also a number of people that would rather not celebrate this so-called day of love.

“I think people don’t like it because they come to see that they are so alone compared to all the other people that are out there with their boyfriends or girlfriends,” said sophomore Ariana Gasca.

So is Valentine’s day only for couples to celebrate? Ariana Gasca says, “I think Valentine’s Day is only good for couples.”

The change in celebration can be seen with the release of anti-valentine’s day movies. One of these movies include Blue Valentine, which stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams portraying a married couple going through a rough patch in their relationship.

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? Will you be spending it with a significant other or with chocolates and Netflix?