Law Performances


Destini Johnson

Law students wrapping up a performance.

The annual law plays took place on March 7 and 8. Students had the opportunity to attend and watch law students perform The Nightmare Before Christmas and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“It was a little better than I expected overall, even though I didn’t get to see both plays,” said junior Urijah Gray. The plays seemed well rehearsed, and it seemed like everyone put a lot of effort into it.”

The law students handpicked movies to adapt for their plays and came up with a trial scene at the end of their performances. The performers spent the third quarter rehearsing and remembering their lines for the performance.

“I loved it. It was funny and entertaining. I never felt bored and my mind never wandered off to think about something else,” said sophomore Charise Bennett. “My favorite part of it was the ending when the audience got to play the jury. Every time someone went up on the stand, I laughed.”

There was a lot of raves for the plays after the performances. The law students were successful at entertaining audiences.

“I enjoyed my time at the law play. It was very funny. Everyone was so into their character. It seemed like I was watching an actual movie. It brought a lot of humor, and the decorations were cute too,” said sophomore Dayanara Corona. “For the law students to have little to no acting experiences, they were really good at remembering lines and knowing their parts. The law students worked with what they had, and it was very well produced.”