Why ‘Fire Emblem’ Is The Best


Bago Games (CC BY 2.0)

Fire Emblem, a strategical RPG made by Nintendo, is the light of my life. It’s turn based, much like Pokemon, except instead of being a kid commanding a dragon, you ARE the dragon! With 15 games released, there’s a wide variety of games to play with. The game comes on a wide variety of platforms, including GameBoy, Switch, 3DS, and even your phone.

Now, I know what it seems like: some gal geeking out over a game not many people have heard of, right? Wrong! My purpose now is to show you the mystical world of Fire Emblem and plant the interest in playing with you.

While yes, I did mention that the franchise has fifteen games in total, you don’t actually have to follow a specific order, unless you go into a series like the Fates, one where starting with Revelations would leave you clueless as to who everyone is and what’s going on. Other than that, some minor research on the games can lead you to the right track of choosing the right game to start with.

My recommendation is dip your feet in with Fire Emblem: Heroes, as mentioned earlier. Not only is it a free game for you phone, it features characters referred to ‘heroes’ from all of the previous games, even the first ones in the series. This helps you see which heroes you like the best and get to know them through leveling them up so you can see which games you might be interested in playing.

Of course, Fire Emblem isn’t just about the fighting; the storyline is the real star of the show. Each game features a diverse and well-developed plot that can keep you playing for hours, even when our units decide to all kick the bucket (not recommended by the way, fighting with two units is so much harder than ten)! Want to have to choose your loyalties to families or fight against an evil mage who pretty much cloned your unit? There are games for that!

If you want to know more about specific Fire Emblem games, take a look at the wiki here and choose any of the games featured at the top. Happy searching, and welcome to the world of Fire Emblem!