Meme Day


Euterpia (CC0 1.0)

The long awaited Meme Day has finally been approved for A-TECH, but student participation was surprising low. For a bunch of self-proclaimed Meme Lords, not a lot of people participated under the pretense that they’re “always a meme.” Smells like BS to me, since a bunch of those people who said that were staler than a pack of Ritz left open for a month, but that’s none of my business.

For those people who did actually participate, I spoke with them about their memes of choice. Personally, I was the infamous ‘Kazoo Kid’ and even had my own beautiful kazoo to toot my way to damnation.

Katheryn Ellis Red, blue, and yellow kazoo

Victoria Alexe and Julie Tran were dressed as the fist-clenching Arthur.

“We’re matching with Dr. [Dan] Hearn,” said Alexe. “The whole class was,” agreed Tran.

Speaking with them was Jeremias Dejesus, dressed as the mannequin head meme.

“I thought it was funny,” said Dejesus.

Katheryn Ellis Julie Tran, Jeremias Dejesus, and Victoria Alexe

Shandi Pereira also lowkey participated despite her cynical nature. She was appropriately equipped with a shirt reading “HTE FROG PEPE” and a picture of said frog.

“I think that anyone who wears meme shirts in public are morons, so I’m a moron,” Pereira said, truthful to her nature.

Shandi Pereira in her meme shirt Katheryn Ellis

A true gem in the day of memes, Jordan King turned heads of many people. With his amazing outfit and fantastic sword, he drew the attention of the class to him while the students mingled before and after class. He made it more than worth it to be told to go to ‘cell phone jail.’

Not seen very well in the picture is dark red markings mimicking a beard around King’s cheeks and neck.

Jordan King posing in his extravagant outfit Katheryn Ellis

While participation was low, those who actually went through with it seemed pleased with their ensemble. Hopefully, if StuCo decides to go through with Meme Day again, more people will be willing to shove their miserable crotchety nature to take part in a day that might actually be a bit of fun if they gave it a try. But, I mean, hey, if you want to stay a sad sap without reprieve for the rest of your high school years, go for it!