5 Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Year



1. Before I Wake (2016)

Often, it is difficult to find a horror movie that has a message for its audience or that is actually any good. This movie centers around an orphaned boy whose “dreams come true,” often at the expense of others. If the grotesque creature in this movie does not scare you, the jump scares will. It won’t scare you to the point of tears, but you might cry when the director plays with your emotions in the end. Be warned: the movie starts off awkwardly but progressively gets better.

2. Everything Sucks (2018)

This show is strange and semi-unrealistic but relatable. It is set in the 1990s and centers around an awkward group of students in the A/V and drama club at a Boring, Oregon, high school.  Everything Sucks deals with sexuality, family issues, and teenage angst. The cool part about this show is that the actors who play the students are actually teenagers. As you watch the show, you will question some of the characters’ actions and some of the parents’ actions, but you will also come to love and relate to some characters. The best part is that there are ten episodes which last about 30 minutes each, which means you could binge this show in under six hours.

3. The End of The F***ing World (2017)

When I first watched this show, I was skeptical of its premise and its dark humor. TEOTFW centers around a “psychopathic” boy who wants to kill someone and a moody, impulsive girl looking for adventure. Together, they become the Bonnie and Clyde of England and break so many laws that it breaks my law student heart. The character development in this show is tremendous, but be warned that the British humor is dark and crude. You could also binge-watch this show in under four hours as there are eight episodes, which last less than 30 minutes each. Hallelujah.

“I’ve only seen a couple episodes, but so far, it’s amazing,” said senior James Miraglia.

4. Black Panther (2018)

Quick disclaimer: unfortunately, I have not seen this movie to the misery of my heart. From what I have heard, though, it’s epic. The movie centers around T’challa and the African nation of Wakanda. when an enemy emerges and jeopardize the fate of Wakanda and the fate of the world. T’challa, as the king and as the Black Panther, must defeat him.

“It was a good movie, and it really hypes me up whenever people mention Wakanda,” said senior Roman Sanchez while gesturing the “Wakanda Forever” symbol.

5. Incredibles 2 (2018)

Since the release of the theatrical trailer, everyone has been waiting in anticipation to watch this movie. This movie is set to release on June 15 and centers around Elastigirl’s return to superhero action and Mr. Incredible’s journey raising Jack-Jack as a stay-at-home dad. Whether you are watching it at home or in theaters, this movie is a definite must-see.

“The first movie was so good,” said senior Marjorie Alvarado. “I worry about the second movie, but the preview looked promising.”