Black Student Union Assembly


Florida_Aaron (CC0)

Black Student Union will host an assembly in celebration of black history on Friday, February 23, at 12:40 p.m.. The day will run on an assembly schedule so that all A-TECH students are able to attend.

All members of Black Student Union will perform in the assembly, each member contributing in their own way.

“We’re having several wax museums, which are representations of famous African Americans,” sophomore Jacori Schoolfield said. “We are having a couple of spoken words, a BSU step, a fraternity step, and I believe we are having African dancers.”

Other guests will perform in the assembly as well.

“As far as guests, I have a violinist who is an alumni of A-TECH, and we have some young men that will be coming in to do a step show from different schools as well,” said Anquinetta Eagles, BSU adviser.

The purpose of the assembly is to showcase African American culture and to encourage other groups to do the same.

“Not a lot of people have a great education on black culture, so they get to see that from our perspective,” said sophomore Amoy McDowell.

There has never been a black history assembly at A-TECH until now.

“I believe this will not only push the other clubs to have assemblies to show their talent,” said Eagles. “It is something that I feel A-TECH needs at the school to bring all races together.”

Kimberly Flores
Amoy McDowell, sophomore
Kimberly Flores
Anquinetta Eagles, BSU adviser
Kimberly Flores
Jacori Schoolfield, sophomore