Hard Lockdown Hits Again

Johanna Guerrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Students experienced another hard lockdown on Thursday, January 28, at approximately 1:13 P.M. Activities in the surrounding neighborhood caused the school to shut down.

Freshman Jasmine Abad was home sick and started receiving messages from friends at school during the lockdown, “I started asking my other friends if they were okay and what has happening. Most of them didn’t really know, but they were safe, so that relieved me a bit.”

Police have confirmed the situation; Four individuals were arrested who were involved in a business robbery on W. Washington. Other schools in the neighborhood, Veteran’s Tribute Academy and Mabel Hoggard Elementary, were put on a lockdown. The campus was not cleared to a soft lockdown until approximately 1:47 P.M.

A hard lockdown is defined as “a lockdown where a perpetrator is actively shooting/using deadly physical forces or there was imminent danger of shooting/physical force.” A soft lockdown is defined as “a lockdown where instruction/business can still take place. Doors are locked and possibly barricaded.”

Junior Tianna Serrano, experienced the lockdown while in her animations class. “I started freaking out a bit once we were hiding underneath the desk cubby…worried or anxious is a better way to describe it.”

“While it was pretty far from us I understand the worry,” said junior Imani Allyse-Mitchell.

About 2:15 P.M. the soft lockdown was cleared and students were told to go straight to the buses or allowed to be picked up if their ride was present. Students who were still left waiting were told to wait inside the lecture hall. Principal Synold and Mr. Mayo watched over the students until all their parents arrived.

“The lecture hall was a good way to deal with all the kids, and they were on top of things,” commented Tianna Serrano, “I totally am [okay]…I wasn’t actually that worried, just a few thoughts, kinda like what if scenarios.”

For many students the lockdown became stressful, others kept cool in the situation, perhaps feeling calmer about a shorter lockdown than the situation that occurred last year, which lasted three hours.

“I was confused when they directly announced a hard lockdown without any explanation from teachers,” said senior Megan Barrera, ”I’m glad everyone is safe and administration handled it well, as always.”