Welcome to the A-TECH Family


Yolanda Gurrola

New A-TECH AP Roseann Hill in her office.

Jason Park and Yolanda Gurrola

A-TECH welcomes Roseann Hill as the new assistant principal. Ambitious and ready to take on the challenges of her new role, Mrs. Hill is enthusiastic to start off the second semester with the A-TECH students.

Prior to joining A-TECH, Mrs. Hill was a dean at Liberty High School. She said that there is a visible contrast between the students of both schools.

“I was at Liberty High School, and there were almost 2,600 students at this school. The fact that there are 1,100 students here is a major difference,” Mrs. Hill said.

The students are wonderful, focused, respectful, have welcomed me with open arms, and have made me feel like I have been here forever.”

— AP Hill

However, this is not the only distinction she notices between the two schools. Mrs. Hill also commends the etiquette of A-TECH students.

“It seems like every student here chooses to be here, and they are very focused on their education,” she said, “ Even though Liberty was a phenomenal school, I think A-TECH is one of the best schools of the Clark County School District.”


As the assistant principal, Mrs. Hill hopes to put in systems that help teachers so that they can, in turn, help the students and have them prepared for graduation.

“You always want to challenge yourself, even when you become an adult, to do bigger and better things,” she said. “I am always trying to grow and help and support, and this is the next step.”

Mrs. Hill is excited to take on this new challenge and is happy to say that she has not had any problems with the transfer or the students.