New Year, New Newspaper

Introducing the Maverick Messenger: A-TECH’s Student Newspaper


Pablo Cortez

Miranda Cain with the Co-Editors in Chief, Johanna Guerrero and Brenna Wilcken

Alex Ledesma, Juan Pina, and Angel Nunez

Many might be surprised when they find out that A-TECH has its own newspaper: The Maverick Messenger. For the past couple of years, A-TECH lacked a well established team to keep the newspaper up and running. That’s where the Maverick Messenger staff comes in.

We are a team of writers and editors, building the Maverick Messenger from the ground up. The Maverick Messenger has renewed strength this year and has the capability to publish powerful stories and news to the A-TECH community.

The staff aims to write articles that relate to the student population, faculty, and staff of A-TECH:

“We are hoping to create an awareness of the events happening around the A-TECH community so people can become more involved in their high school life,” said senior Javiera Sothers, feature editor of the Maverick Messenger.

To kick off the Maverick Messenger, money had to be raised to fund the website where the newspaper would be hosted. On November 24, 2015, the team had the first official fundraiser, Clash of the Pie-tins; Students paid to be in a raffle for an opportunity to pie a teacher. The Maverick Messenger continues to plan new fundraisers and may even bring back Clash of the Pie-tins next year. Once some money was raised, the staff began a dry-run by writing articles about current events and topics occurring within school.

“We’ve now become a more united force and the staff is excited about learning to write, and I look forward to making the newspaper great with them,” commented Brenna Wilcken, editor-in-chief of the Maverick Messenger.