The Principal Purpose

Johanna Guerrero and Brenna Wilcken

A new principal means a turning of blinds and a new window of opportunity for A-TECH.  For a short while after Ms. Kral’s sudden retirement, A-TECH didn’t have a principal, leaving students to wonder who would take the position as new principal and what changes would ensue. Within the month, Jonathan Synold was appointed and introduced to the student body as the new principal.

“I think as an assistant principal I wanted to become principal,” said new Principal Synold, “but my big thing was that I wanted to become principal of ATECH. So that was why I was excited when the opportunity opened up because I have a passion for the school, I love the students, the staff is incredible, so I wanted to be here.”

Early January, Mr. Synold’s new position as principal of the top school in the state became official, bringing him new responsibilities and experiences.

For Principal Synold, “[Being principal] feels different because you have a lot more on your plate, you are the final person, even when there was no principal I was doing a lot of the day to day operations… the leadership side was different, like pushing your vision forward.”

Synold’s vision? Opportunities for students to pursue high-caliber subjects and opportunities for struggling students to have the understanding they deserve to achieve high performance.

“It means having more instructional technology, addressing the students’ issues,” said Synold about his vision for his time as principal.  “We do have some struggling students here. We are a high performing school, but we need to be a school for all students… improving instruction overall so that [the students] have a better experience in the classroom.”

Principal Synold has faith in furthering A-TECH’s already impressive achievements, but he insists that we [as a school] are great because of the exemplary efforts and behavior of the students and staff.  He admires the amazing students and staff who help create the unique culture and identity of A-TECH.

“Students here are very respectful and they want to do the best for the school. We have few discipline problems and that’s probably why we allow you all to be involved [in extracurricular activities and clubs]… because we trust you. ”