Student vs Staff Basketball Game

“We’ve had a student staff soccer game the last few years, but we’ve never actually done a basketball game.”

A-TECH’s very first ‘Student vs. Staff’ Basketball Game took place Friday after school.

PJ Rodgers, captain of the Basketball Club claims that he started up basketball club last year and had been wanting to play a game with the taff.

¨We had been planning this, then Mr [Jonathan] Synold brought the idea to us and we said ´We’re making a commitment now.’”

When asked if he thought the students will win, he stated, ¨Of course, probably. I don’t know, the teachers might smoke us.¨

Math teacher Mike Patterson, an announced player in the game, shined a light on his past experiences. ¨I played basketball in high school.¨

Yet when asked if he believed his team will win, he stated ¨I don’t think we’ll win, necessarily, but I’m excited for the game.¨

“I think it will be pretty competitive, so hopefully everyone comes and checks it out,” Principal Synold said.

Kimberly Flores
PJ Rodgers, Junior


Kimberly Flores
Principal Synold


Kimberly Flores
Mike Patterson