AP European History


“Gresham Encyclopedia – Europe after WW1” by Jon Ingram on flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

Adriana Vaiao, Staff Writer

AP European History focuses its studies on European history since 1450. Students are introduced to the cultural, economic, political, and social developments that played a key role in shaping the European culture.

Ms. Pankonen, the instructor for AP European History and AP World History says that students taking this course are expected to be well organized and motivated. 

“They need to keep an agenda and be consistent with their work,” says Ms. Pankonen.

AP European History also involves plenty of interaction among fellow peers in the class.

“We do a lot of debates socratic seminars ,research,role playing, and acting.”

Critical thinking skills and ability to analyze historical sources are emphasized throughout this course.

“The class is a lot of history of Europe a lot of people, war, paintings, ideas, artists, and authors.”

Ms. Pankonen also keeps a calendar for students to know ahead of time when chapters are due and when quizzes and tests will take place.