Stress at A-TECH


Garrett Hoeffgen

Junior Garrett Hoeffgen explains his stress.

Stress. The six letter word that students at A-TECH are all too familiar with. Each of us feel stress, whether that stress is from school or from personal problems. All of us also have different ways to deal with the stress that we feel.

Scientifically, stress is a way for your body to respond to danger. This reaction is called the fight-or-flight response. Stress can help you focus and stay energetic, and it can also save your life when you’re in danger.

However, being in a constant state of stress can be very harmful. When you’re in a constant state of stress, you can cause health issues, and it will also affect your mood and your life.

Junior Isaac Carpenter is a student whose stress revolves around school.

“All my AP classes and homework are the most stressful things in my life right now,” said Carpenter.

AP classes are more challenging than regular classes, so it’s understandable why he would feel this way. Carpenter copes with the stress by taking a look at the results of his efforts.

Other students, like junior Garrett Hoeffgen, also has a lot of stress that revolves around school.

“AP classes tend to be more stressful, but some of my other classes are just as stressful,” said Hoeffgen. “I tend to be a lot angrier on more stressful days.”

Hoeffgen enjoys boxing and playing video games to help him cope with the stress of school.

Doing a physical activity like boxing helps relieve stress, since exercise creates endorphins that make you happier.

Students at A-TECH deal with a lot of stress from their classes, but the level of commitment that each student shows towards their education is one of the many things that make this school so special.

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