Maverick Spotlight: Kieran Armstrong

At the Maverick Pulse, we tend to focus more on events rather than the students at our school. However, there are a lot of amazing students, who each have a variety of talents. Today’s spotlight shines on one of our very own editors, sophomore Kieran Armstrong, also known as “Wes Borne.”

“‘Wes’ comes from my middle name, which is Wesley. Borne originates from the Bourne action movie franchise, which I chose because I’m always ready for action,” said Armstrong.

He’s been singing and writing music since he was six years old.

“I wrote my first song ‘Nobody Knew I Was Made to Love’ [when I was 6],” said Armstrong. “It was pretty much me singing the same line over and over again and playing harmonica over a melody that my brother made, but I felt super proud of it. That feeling was what got me into music.”

Over the past few years, Armstrong has consistently worked to improve his music. He draws his inspiration from past experiences and his own emotions.

“I try to keep exaggeration to a minimum in music because there’s so much to write about in real life that being dramatic about it doesn’t create a genuine sound,” Armstrong said.

His style is also very unique to him.

“I mix modern hip-hop with harmonies that resembles Boyz II Men and other groups,” said Armstrong. “I chose R&B and hip-hop because I like mixing melody with energy. I think music should be a blend of vibes to listen to and pleasing to the ears.”

Making music also comes with a plethora of challenges.

“If you don’t have professional equipment, then you’ll find yourself setting things up in pretty ghetto ways,” said Armstrong. “Music is just difficult. Plain and simple. Finding your sound, mastering your software, and learning how to create instrumentals are all things that take time. The most difficult thing about music is how much time it takes.”

You can find Kieran Armstrong in the digital music production club. In celebration of breaking 200 plays on his new Varsity: Ultimate Edition album with his musical partner Shiva Kittusamy, he will be releasing an EP called “Fourtitude.” If you want to give his music a listen, check out his SoundCloud and Spotify.