AP Environmental Science


“91957046” by mattwalker69 on flicker licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Skyler Lange, Staff Writer

During this course of study, students learn about the natural world by using scientific principles, methods, and hands on lab sessions to learn about the earth. Topics such as geology, astronomy, global warming, earth’s natural resources, and much more will be covered throughout the year.

“It’s definitely at the collegiate level [class],” says the instructor Ms.Shane.  

With 20 chapters in the book, students are definitely expected to do work outside of class such as reading, and research on the different topics being covered. 

“Don’t get behind,” advises Ms.Shane to prospective students.

This high speed course is recommended for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on day to day environmental factors. If students are willing to put forward the time and effort to pass this course, they are bound to have a successful year in this class.

For more information about this class, contact Ms.Shane in room 324.