Valentine’s Day: JUST DO IT!


Shuba (CC BY 2.0)

So you’re single. You’re at A-TECH though, so you aren’t alone. You’ve been wanting to ask him or her out for like two months now and you’ve been ferociously stalking their Instagram (without liking any of their pictures, of course). You know a ridiculous amount of information that you’ve ‘gathered’ through ‘investigation’ on your crush.

But you’re being rational of course, nothing ridiculous. It’s not like you know their parents’ names… Ok, well at least you don’t know their birthday… Well, I mean you don’t know what their food allergies are right?… Honestly, if you answered all of these correctly you’re either a really good friend or a Siberian assassin.

Hitman or no, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to start talking to the person you’ve been crushing on. Now, this isn’t the Vogue magazine romance column, but I’ve found that making this choice usually pays off.

If you’ve been contemplating asking him or her out but don’t want to rush into ‘relationship’ status, it’s all good. Just ask them to be your Valentine and see where it goes from there. Besides, if you’ve just been Instagram creepin’, it might be a wise choice to get to know them first.

I guess what I’m trying to say is use Valentine’s Day to your advantage. The opportunity is one that’s too good to pass up, and it only comes around once a year. Put forth a thoughtful gesture to make your crush smile. Swallow your pride (and your twelve bucks) and buy some chocolates and a poster. After all, they might be Instra-creepin’ on you too.