AP English Language and Composition


“Rhetorical” by brett jordan on flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

Adriana Vaiao, Staff Writer

AP English Language and Composition helps students to understand the connection between the subject, audience and the writer’s purpose and how it provides an opportunity for effective writing. This course teaches students to develop their ability to identify writer’s purpose and audience’s expectations. This also shows students the integration of diversity awareness and how to appreciate all cultures and their contributions to society.

Ms. Guild, who is the instructor for AP English Language and Composition, suggests that students shouldn’t take an AP class just for show on their transcript, but take the class if they’re good in that specific subject. 

“I think students tend to overwhelm themselves because they are looking at the college application,and  a lot of students forget that it’s a college level class”.

Expectations run high in this AP class when it comes to writing down your thoughts.

“My class is all writing, and by writing I mean an essay a week that is timed,” says Ms. Guild.

Ms. Guild also says that you need to be able to process and get what you are thinking onto paper successfully and be a strong writer.