Congrats, CCSD…?

Remember those good old days back when there were the now-extinct Staff Development Days? When you didn’t have to go to school while the teachers actively (or what we assumed) plotted against the students? And how those days were replaced with more real school days and the teachers now meet in the mornings right before school to do that now on an actual full day of school?

Well, kids, do I have news for you! In a recent email sent to teachers by our principal, Jonathan Synold, it turns out that CCSD isn’t actually allowed to do that..? Stated in NAC 387.120, “Any day for an organized teachers’ conference for professional development convened by the board of trustees of a school district may be included in the number of school days in session required . . . Not more than 5 days for teachers’ conferences may be convened by a school district in any school year.”

Despite the mouthful in that quote, it basically means that the days the teachers meet in the morning should actually be counted towards staff development days where the students don’t come to school. That way, the 180 days required in a school year that get counted include staff development days even if the students don’t actually show up for any school.

Of course, just because we have to redo next school year’s (2018-2019) calendar doesn’t mean that we’ll be missing any total days in school. The total 180 days dedicated to school will remain the same, but now we’ll just have up to five days off so that the staff can plan upcoming events like school-wide projects and teacher versus student games.

So long story short, if you enjoyed the staff development days, get the poppers ready as they make a grand re-entrance into our lives.

Below is the original email sent by CCSD and forwarded to teachers.