AP Studio Art


Pixabay licensed under CC0 Public Domain

Donovan Brooks, Staff Writer

AP Studio Art helps students develop their drawing skill, allow them to create college level artworks and organize them to fit a theme.

Mr. Chung, the AP Studio Art teacher, says this class will take a long time to develop each student’s skills.

“Ideally I like to see the students at least two to three years,” says Chung.

The course has three sections: Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. According to Mr. Chung, these skills will take a long time to develop. Concentration and Breadth are the sections that matter the most. They each require 12 images to be submitted. Concentration is about “developing a theme and carrying it out”.

Chung explains, “If you say, ‘OK, I’m going to do a theme on poverty in America,’ you make images that show poverty in the United States over time, and show [your quality of drawing] from start to end.”

Chung also explains that the Breadth section requires that you “demonstrate lines, shapes, patterns, and vocab of visual arts.” Additionally, the students will have to submit at least five artworks, which go toward the Quality section.

Again, getting the skills required for this class takes at least two to three years.

Mr. Chung says, “the first year, they’re in Art I, and they can work a little bit on the Breadth section. The second year is when they focus on drawing. The third year they would demonstrate the concentration part. ‘What is it that I want to develop, what is the theme for my artwork? If I were to put up a display on a gallery, how do all those artworks relate to each other?’”

Mr. Chung suggest that any new students should always be working on their art. He says, “Draw. Doodle. I don’t care if it’s on the phone that you doodle. If you have a sketchbook in your pocket, even a small one, there’s a good chance that you might still be able to take a picture of that artwork, and submit it. Sometimes the best artwork is not huge. It’s a small drawing that someone put their heart and soul into.”