AP Spanish Language and Culture


Pixabay license under CC0 Public Domain

Angel Nunez, Staff Writer

Many students believe that if they can speak Spanish, they can succeed in AP Spanish. Well, they might be surprised if someone told them otherwise. There’s more to the class than simply speaking the language.

According to College Board, the AP Spanish Language and Culture curriculum includes “vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness.”

Through various methods, students develop different communications strategies, both written and oral.

“We do a lot of speaking and writing that helps us with our Spanish,” remarked a current junior in the class. “For instance, we had a show-and-tell once where we had to do the whole presentation in Spanish. It really helps with feeling comfortable speaking Spanish.”

Aside from oral presentations, students also engage in reading and writing.

“We practice writing letters and reading fun stories,” one student said. “We even got to pick which book we wanted to read when we had to do a sort of book report type of thing in Spanish, of course.”

Above all, there is one crucial thing that students must know before enrolling in AP Language and Culture.

“You should be comfortable with the language,” another junior explained. “Even if you’re not fluent, just be willing to try and you’ll succeed along the way.”