AP Psychology


Yolanda Gurrola, Staff Writer

The AP Psychology course introduces to students the science behind the behavior of humans. The course expands on the many subdivisions of psychology, and teaches students some methods that psychologists use in their practice.

At A-TECH, Ms. Lee is in charge of this class. Her class is very structured with a limited time frame, since over 90% of her students take the AP exams in May.

Students are given a schedule every month that indicates what needs to be read for which days, and they are expected to read the assigned sections; Time management is vital. Those who take her class often find that she doesn’t give out any big projects. By March, students have covered eighteen chapters so, according to Ms. Lee, they won’t have time to do any big projects.

“It’s very interactive. There’s a lot of classroom activities; a lot of things are hands on,” says Ms. Lee.

Brendan Forepaugh is a junior taking AP Psychology. He often finds that even though the class is paced, with a weekly quiz and FRQ (Free Response Question), the hardest part is finding time to study.

“You really have to devote yourself to the class,” says Brendan.