AP U.S. Government


“United States Capitol Building, The National Mall, Washington, DC” by Jeffrey Zeldman on flickr licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Yolanda Gurrola, Staff Writer

AP government explains the development of our current government and what influenced it. It also explains how policy is made and the roles of the three branches of government.

Mr. Meikle is in charge of the class. He may seem like a fun teacher who likes busting jokes, but that doesn’t mean the class won’t be hard. Mr. Meikle teaches units that contain several chapters. Since his class is comprised of seniors, he trusts that they will know how to pace themselves and get the reading done. 

He assigns, approximately, thirty minutes of reading each night and usually gives out a weekly quiz according to the content. Luckily, students won’t have to worry about big projects.  At the beginning of each unit he’ll assign a homework packet that is 10-15 pages. It will be due by the end of the unit, graded, then given back to serve as a study guide for the unit exam.
“Just come in with an attitude of, you know,  ‘I’m not afraid to work,’ ‘ I’m not afraid to ask questions,’ and ‘ I’m not afraid to fail on occasion,’ and it will get better,” says Mr. Meikle.