AP Statistics


Pixabay public domain license Creative Commons CC0

Miranda Cain, Staff Writer

AP statistics is a college level math class that requires students to have attained a C or better in Algebra II H or higher or an A in Algebra II or higher. This class introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.

“Things are changing next year,” says Ms. Underwood in relation to next year. “It’s getting more fast paced.”
According to Ms. Underwood there are four chapters a quarter and the class is already considered heavy.

“In class we do labs and collecting data. Out of class (work) is a lot of reading and note taking” says Ms. Underwood, in reference to the course work.
“It’s super fun,” says senior Jacob Decker.

Ms. Underwood had a few words of advice for any students coming into the class, “be prepared for writing, it’s not a traditional math class.”