AP Economics


“Economics” by Simon Cunningham on flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

Miranda Cain, Staff Writer

AP Economy is a two part class offered by Advanced Technologies Academy as an elective open to eleventh and twelfth graders with a C in AP world history or AP U.S. History or a B in world history honors or U.S. History.

This class is split into AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics, the former being about the economic system as a whole and the latter being the study of decision making by individuals and firms in a market economy.

“If you don’t understand the first unit you’re going to have issues,” says Mr. Meikle about his class, “The units build on each other.”

According to Mr. Meikle the class work consists mostly of lecture, practice problems, and a lot of group work. Within each unit there is one or two quizzes and at the end of each unit students turn in a content guide and a practice test.

“Meikle makes Econ fun,” says senior Michael Reyes about the class.

“It’s the interactions with him that make the information stick,” Reyes also said.

Mr. Meikle had some advice for those thinking of taking the class, “ Don’t be afraid to ask.”