Is Water Wet?


Photo by Baudolino is licensed under CC0.

‘Is water wet?’ has become the trending topic for teens. It’s a topic that everyone is discussing, and everyone chooses the side of ‘it is wet’ or ‘it isn’t wet.’

One side argues that it is wet. This is because people say that water molecules are in contact with one another. Therefore, it is wet. Another reason is that if water isn’t wet then it would be dry, and that’s like saying the ocean is the ‘driest place on earth.’

“When something touches the water it’s wet, right?” said sophomore Amoy McDowell. “And your hand is wet, or whatever that thing is touching is wet. So water is wet.”

Kimberly Flores
Amoy McDowell, sophomore

The other side argues that water isn’t wet. Google defines the word wet as “covered or saturated with water or another liquid.” Water cannot be covered in itself since it’s a liquid. For example, if you dunk a pencil in water all the way, it only become wet once you pull the pencil out and it comes in contact with air. That’s when you would consider something ‘wet’.

“Water is not wet,” said sophomore Xavier Calicdan. “Wet is a characteristic, the water is just water but when you add it onto something, it then becomes wet.”

Kimberly Flores
Xavier Calicdan, sophomore

“Water isn’t wet because nothing is touching it,” said sophomore Vanessa Fuentes. “Something is only ‘wet’ after it touches water.”

Kimberly Flores
Vanessa Fuentes, sophomore

Both sides put up interesting arguments. What do you think? Is water wet?