AP Computer Science


“Computers Original” by Prasan on flickr licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Val Stovner, Staff Writer

AP Computer Science A is currently one of the fastest growing AP classes, and because of this, AP Computer Science Principles will be created next year. In previous years Mr. Mayo had the same course work and set up, but due to cheating, there is going to be a completely new Course set up.

“We are currently building a new curriculum,” stated Mr. Mayo, “that won’t be on any website and be completely made by us.”

AP Computer Science A is a third level computer programing course to be taken senior year, after computer science 1, 2, and 3. In this class students will learn from evaluating the actual test. Mr. Mayo advises to read the Head First Java book.

“It is the very best book I’ve ever read on Java, it’s awesome,” stated Mr. Mayo, “but it does not provide a whole lot on coding.”

AP Computer Science Principles is the same level as computer science 2 honors. It’s an easier class than AP Computer Science A that has more logic, computing, abstracting, and communication.
“In our world, every job is now connected to a computer. And to make it run more efficient and to make it run the way you want it to, you will need a program.”