Philosophy at A-TECH

Val Stovner and Estephanie Jimenez

On December 1st, students gathered for Philosophy Club’s first meeting. The club was created by Alex Yung, Angel Barraza, Vincent Aquino, and Jake Junsay. The supervisor, Mr. Duggan, is a new teacher to A-TECH.

When asked why he decided to support this club, Mr. Duggan hoped, “ That kids can get a better understanding of what philosophy is.”

He continued to say that a variety of positions, beliefs, and ideas will be discussed in Philosophy Club.

“They will talk about different philosophy from different people. What they agree with and what they don’t. They’ll debate about it.” Mr. Duggan explained. “I want to have the kids get together and talk about what it is.”

When club president, Alex Yung, was asked what he wanted to do with the club, he had a specific goal in mind, “To open up our minds up to new perspectives and ideas,” stated Alex Yung.