At Last, The Force Awakens

Miranda Cain and Brandon Sumulong

One of the biggest movies of the holiday season was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It became a record breaking movie grossing $529 million dollars opening weekend and making a billion dollars in twelve days. Advanced Technologies Academy has been abuzz over the movie that came out December 18, 2015. Before Christmas break many students and staff left school to see the film.

“I think that the new Star Wars movie is a great comeback but left a lot of open parts of the story and they could have been closed up if they have another hour in the movie,” said junior Tyler Gromek, “Captain Phasma could have had a lot of potential.”

This opinion seems to be shared by many people including senior John Fossett, “The movie was definitely fun. I thought that the film left lots of questions for future movies, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The movie was a perfect blend of the old and the new.”

While many people seem to share this opinion others view differently. “It was okay,” said Mr. Charles, “it was just another movie”.

“I like the movie and I thought J. J. Abrams did a good job,” coming from Mr. Hinton a long time Star Wars fan. “[But] I felt it was a little formulaic, I wanted more surprises.”