Parents with Expectations


"Expectations" in Nina Paley's 'Mimi and Eunice' comic is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 US.

Expectations, rather low or high, can become stressful, knowing that people are looking toward your success. It is even more nerve wracking knowing that your parent(s), who raised you to be successful, can become completely disappointed if you fail.

“It depends. She used to have so much high expectations, but as time progressed, she just wants it to be on me. So if I want it to be low, it will be low. She’s not going to have a say in what I do, but if I want to try new things and it gets me somewhere else, it’s all my fault,” stated sophomore Daysi Sorto.

Daysi Sorto, Sophomore

Knowing that you are held on a higher standard can be scary besides all of the motivation.

“Pros with high expectations would be you do accomplish a lot. You are told what you are proud of and you have this recognition in school and within your family. Cons would be that you are stressed, tired, and worn out,” explained Sorto.

There is an even bigger difference when it comes to having expectations for yourself and when your parents have them for you. It usually stresses you out because you do not want to disappoint.

“They don’t ask about my grades a lot, so I just don’t show them. I feel motivated to try my best in school to make them proud,” said junior Nancy Phu.

Nancy Phu, Junior

When it comes to having the choice in your parents being involved in your education or not, many students don’t not want their parents so involved.

“[I want my parents] not involved because I can handle it, and I don’t want to disappoint them with my C’s,” says Phu.

“Parents with high expectations know what’s best for you. When you set the bar high for yourself as well, then you know you will do good in the future, but it can also get annoying because if you get a bad grade, it’s like ‘shoot,’” said freshman Asia Winder.

Asia Winder, Freshman

Having parents with high expectations comes with more stress, yet, in the long run, you can end up being very successful. When it comes to parents with lower expectations, you can be less stressed, but then your grades are up to you.

“I would have them not so involved. I feel like I can handle it on my own, but sometimes I need that push,” stated senior Vincent Aquino.

Vincent Aquino, Senior

When it comes to having parents who are hard on you, it is often easy to get discouraged if you aren’t doing as well as your parents would like, but also having parents with lower expectations can be intimidating because then it becomes your responsibility. Either way, in the long run, both can make you very successful.