Dogs, Dreams, & Dance 101


Alec Espinoza

Dogs, Dreams, and Dance banner

Skyler Lange and Yolanda Gurrola

From whipping, to shuffling, many activities of this nature play on in the club “Dogs, Dreams, and Dance 101.” Dogs, Dreams, and Dance 101, also known as DDD or D Cubed, is a club here at A-TECH for students. Dogs, Dreams and Dance is a club at A-TECH for students to express their feelings about dogs, discuss their dreams, and of course, dance.

Club co-President, Samantha Fabela-Andaya, committed to quite the challenge when it came to asking Mrs.Lindemann to be an advisor for the club. The club activities are mainly overseen by her, with Samantha and Alec Espinoza running the meetings.

When she comes in, [Samantha] has an agenda, she has talk to her board members, it is obvious that everybody on the board knows what they are doing, they have a minute to minute schedule there’s no fluff time it’s not just like chit-chat,” states Club advisor Mrs.Lindemann.

Things such as writing a mission statement and filing paperwork in the office were just some of what Samantha committed to in order to get her club up and running.
“As a board we created this together,” stated Samantha. “We would not be here today if it weren’t for all of us to come and unite in the name of Dogs, Dreams, and Dance.”
Without the help of her board members, D Cubed would not be able to impact A-TECH and the community in the ways it does. Members of DDD often go out and volunteer at local animal shelters on the weekends, and even conduct research projects on different dog breeds.

“They individually go out and find ways to make a difference in the animal kingdom,” said Mrs. Lindemann.

Dogs, Dreams, and Dance 101 meets every Wednesday during assistance period in room 610.