Academic Planners: The Key to Success

Nicole Castro and Destini Johnson

In this competitive world, it is not only important to keep grades up, but to have a plan for the future. The class of 2019 is moving closer to their goals by deciding on the courses they want to pursue in their academic planners.

Nicole Aguiar, a freshman at A TECH, has just gone through her first academic planner.

“It helps me know what kind of future I want for myself. The planning has definitely helped me set goals for myself. “

Although not all students have taken the step to plan yet, students still find the planner helpful. “I think it will be fun! Just knowing what kinds of classes you will take. This will be very helpful for me personally,” said freshman Luz De La Mora. She hasn’t had the meeting yet, but she is excited to do so.

The academic planners are also important to the administration and upperclassmen.

”It has helped me choose my classes because it gave me an opportunity to look at the classes I needed, in order to obtain the credits for my preferred diploma. It has benefitted me in giving me a path and opportunity,” said junior Martha Ramos.

Principal Synold revealed it was actually a law for students to complete their academic planner. In his position as principal, Synold thinks it is very important for new students to have a plan for the future and thinks it will benefit students greatly.

“It’s gonna benefit students so that they have a plan for what they need to take in order to reach the goals they’ve outlined.”

The academic planners are important for students to use to plan their future, but it also helps with staffing for new classes.

“Its very important on the scheduling side, because we build our master schedule and the staffing and allocation of which teachers are teaching what classes, and what classes are offered based on these plans. ” said Principal Synold.